Kāinga Strategic Action Plan a key step in improving housing outcomes in Auckland

3 December 2018

The Independent Māori Statutory Board (the Board) today released the Kāinga Strategic Action Plan, a plan which delivers on the aspirations of the Auckland Māori Housing Summit in April by setting out a series of priority actions targeting real change.

Board Chairman, David Taipari, says this represents a significant milestone for the plan and Board advocacy on housing issues in Tāmaki Makaurau. “The plan can now be shared and responded to by government, Auckland Council and others. A number of agencies have been working collaboratively to lay the foundations for government and council delivery against the plan and becoming implementation ready,” Mr Taipari says.

“The Board’s oversight of this plan enabled the project to move quickly in accordance with the direction of the summit. The plan promotes Te Tiriti obligations complimented by the elevation of the concept of Kāinga as a guiding principle of the plan. The project has achieved a strong mix of whānau outcomes and political options in the final product.”

Board housing spokesperson Tony Kake sees the plan as reaffirming a legacy of advocacy for housing for Māori in Tāmaki Makaurau, and providing a new input. “This project has whānau outcomes at its heart, and we won’t be satisfied unless we see changing outcomes for Māori on the ground. The level of Crown and Ministerial engagement already achieved means we are well placed to continue to push for the actions in this plan.”

“Minister Twyford has already responded with two significant announcements being the appointment of Minister Mahuta as the Associate Minister of Housing and the establishment of a dedicated Māori Housing Unit. We will keep advocating and monitoring what change happens through the implementation of this Kāinga plan,” Mr Kake says.  

The Board is actively engaged with Minister Twyford in regard to supporting the plan, and work within government is underway to review the plan and understand the implications of the plan on an action by action basis. The Board is also considering convening a second Auckland Māori Housing Summit in 2019, following the success of the 2018 event.

“We are very keen to continue to meet with Māori, central and local government agencies and stakeholders and ensure that there are on-going opportunities to engage on housing solutions, issues and the plan. We understand the importance of direct dialogue between all parties. A further summit in 2019 provides another opportunity to continue to discuss how we improve housing for Māori in Tāmaki Makaurau,” Mr Taipari says.