Urban Development Authority critical to unlocking housing outcomes for Māori in Auckland

26 November 2018

The Independent Māori Statutory Board welcomes the government’s announcement of an Urban Development Authority to promote much-needed regeneration of housing in Tāmaki Makaurau, Board Chairman, David Taipari, said today.

“This announcement is keenly anticipated by the Board and our thinking around the opportunities and implications has been informed by direct engagement with the government.  Our view is that large-scale redevelopment is required urgently in Auckland, as is a real boost in social and affordable housing units accessible for Māori whānau.  The most critical housing outcomes for Māori in Tāmaki Makaurau will only be improved through targeted scaled development,” Mr Taipari said.

“The Board is now considering the detailed policy and implications of the announcement and asking what the impacts of the UDA approach will be on Māori in Auckland, and how it can be as good as it can be for the most vulnerable whānau in Tāmaki Makaurau.”

Mr Taipari acknowledged that some will be nervous about the scale of development the UDA enables, but says the Board is optimistic the opportunities the UDA would bring would be revealed in detail to come, and through on-going advocacy.

The Board’s key housing related work programmes in 2018 (the Auckland Māori Housing Summit in April, and the Kāinga Strategic Action Plan) had both created robust and structured engagement with government and new engagement with Auckland Council, Mr Taipari said.

“Through our on-going discussion with government on this, we recognize considerable thought has gone into the UDA approach and how iwi aspirations will be respected, and this is a credit to the government’s decision-making and the work of agencies. The Board is now well-placed, and will be in 2019, to ask and explore the question, how can the UDA approach be optimized for Māori outcomes in Auckland?, through existing relationships and existing levers,” Mr Taipari said.

Mr Taipari said the Board will consider the draft Kāinga Strategic Action Plan on December 3 for approval.  The plan recommends co-governance of the UDA and a Māori Housing Commission with a range of powers and responsibilities for delivering housing outcomes for Māori in Auckland.

“In the planning for the UDA, we see space and opportunity for Māori, as land holders, investors, developers, and residential tenants and occupants. We look forward to continuing to progress the Action Plan with stakeholders and action owners into 2019, to optimise outcomes,” Mr Taipari said.

Mr Taipari said the Board would also consider holding a second Auckland Māori Housing Summit in April 2019 to bring stakeholders together to review progress  since April 2018, and workshop and evaluate future opportunities.

“By April 2019, the UDA legislation will be public, and there will be a meaningful conversation with the government around that, investigating and promoting a Māori role in the UDA approach, and the safeguards ensuring optimal Māori outcomes from all large-scale developments,” Mr Taipari said.

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