The Rangatiratanga Report

Enhance Leadership and Participation: “People engaged in their communities.”

One expression of rangatiratanga is described as being "expressed through autonomy, leadership and participation".

In the Rangatiratanga report, we discuss how Māori are increasingly applying rangatiratanga in their own organisations and communities, in democratic processes and in the economy.

The report confirms rangatahi (youth) leadership as an expression of rangatiratanga and a pre-condition for succession planning, and identifies the use of mātauranga Māori in resource management planning as an opportunity to strengthen rangatiratanga.

  • Cultural Pou

The desired outcome for Rangatiratanga within the cultural pou of the Māori Plan for Tāmaki Makaurau, 2017 is that Māori are actively participating and demonstrating leadership in the community. The Māori Plan describes Rangatiratanga, as being "expressed through autonomy, leadership and participation."

  • Social Pou

The Māori Plan indicates that within the social pou of Rangatiratanga the outcome is that Māori are decision-makers in public institutions. Māori leaders have a deeper understanding and empathy of the collective needs of health and wellbeing for whānau in the communities, which is important  when making long-term decisions and investments that impact whānau.

  • Economic Pou

The outcome from Rangatiratanga within the economic pou is that Māori are active across all sectors of the economic community. Rangatiratanga is the opportunity to empower and transform Māori lives through meaningful employment across businesses and industry sectors. It also opens opportunities for growing and fostering management and leadership skills for Māori to flourish and thrive.

  • Environment Pou

Within the Māori Plan, a perspective of Rangatiratanga in the environment pou is that Māori are actively involved in decision-making and management of natural resources. Mana Whenua have an affinity and immense responsibility of sacred things, including land, history and cultural knowledge. Through Rangatiratanga, Mana Whenua are able to be involved in decisions that may impact on taonga that have cultural significance and importance.