The Whanaungatanga Report

Develop Vibrant Communities: “A region that caters for diverse Māori lifestyles and experiences.”

Whanaungatanga is about attaining and maintaining relationships and enabling kin and communities to strengthen ties between one another.

In the Whanaungatanga Report, we discuss how whanaungatanga is currently being supported, looking at learning of Te Reo Māori, watching Māori TV, participating in kapa haka, sports, and Māori festivals.

  • Cultural Pou

The desired outcome for Whanaungatanga within the cultural pou of the Māori Plan for Tāmaki Makaurau, 2017 is that Māori communities are culturally vibrant.  Whanaungatanga is vital for Māori to connect with their whakapapa and cultural identity.

  • Social Pou

The Māori Plan indicates that within the social pou of Whanaungatanga the outcome is that Māori communities are connected and safe. The more connected Māori are in their community and connect to their wider
whānau support and obligations, the safer they will feel and the more they will thrive.

  • Economic Pou

The outcome from Whanaungatanga within the economic pou is that Māori have the skills to realise economic opportunities. Fostering Whanaungatanga through education is crucial for the success of Māori students in Tāmaki Makaurau. Whanaungatanga enables connections to be created between students, teachers and the faculty, which leads to a more positive learning environment and a greater sense of purpose.

  • Environment Pou

The Whanaungatanga perspective within the environment pou of the Māori Plan is that Te Taiao is able to support ngā uri whakatipu (future generations). In other words, safeguarding the environment to ensure growth and sustainability for them. As tangata whenua, Māori have a unique relationship with the environment  in that there is importance placed on the relationship between humans and the natural world.