Kāinga Strategic Action Plan

The purpose of the Kāinga Strategic Action Plan is to improve housing outcomes for Māori in Tāmaki Makaurau.  The Plan was developed as a result of  a call to action at the Auckland Māori Housing Summit 2018.

The Plan promotes Te Tiriti and the underlying principle of Kāinga; targeting Iwi, community and whānau outcomes. It proposes actions based on stakeholders’ existing roles and responsibilities.

Dual Lens: Te Tiriti and Kāinga

The Plan elevates Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the guiding concept or principle of Kāinga.

Te Tiriti highlights outcomes of Iwi and Māori- Crown partnership, while Kāinga advances the social function of housing, understanding housing outcomes for Māori through a Māori lens, and focusing on whānau lived experiences.  The actions in this Plan are designed to make an impact in these critical areas.

Targeted Change

This Plan targets far-reaching change, proposing options for better whānau outcomes.  As the Te Tiriti partner, the Crown carries the heaviest load in delivering the actions the Plan proposes, and work continues to influence Crown direction and investment.

The Associate Minister of Housing (Māori) role and the new Ministry of Housing and Urban Development’s Māori work programme, currently in development, are big top-down catalysts of change.  However, we need to effectively drive that change for the benefit of whānau.

The Kāinga Strategic Action Plan will not build houses.  The Plan aims to ensure Māori are part of the big decisions (Te Tiriti) and that government investment delivers for Māori (Kāinga).  The Plan also challenges the government to ensure delivery of outcomes for Māori through mainstream programmes like the Auckland Housing Programme.

How the Plan Works and What is Happening

To date this Plan has been advanced, primarily, by the Independent Māori Statutory Board, working with many others to agree content and delivery.

The Kāinga Strategic Action Plan was approved by the Board in December 2018 and circulated to stakeholders including government and Auckland Council.

In 2018, government began driving big investment in housing and prioritising social outcomes in new ways. This continues in 2019, and this Plan offers a chance to shape and leverage that work.

The Board remains committed to this programme of work and progressing the Plan implementation.

The Auckland Māori Housing Summit 2019 was a part of the Board’s report-back to the community, to bring the Māori community, the housing sector and the public sector along with it.  The Kāinga Strategic Action Plan was formally launched at the Auckland Māori Housing Summit, 2019 on May 14, 2019. 

 You can read a Report on Summit 2019 here

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